Sunday, March 30, 2008


here come the song 最近, which 9 of us think it is suitable for our lecturer, prof jamilah...copy it from ivy's blog..

你想要的,我却不能给你我全部 (prof 给的问题,我们我们不会答)
我能给, 却又不是你想要拥有的 (就算我们答,答案却不是他要的)
我们不适合也都不认输 (我们coursemate 刚开始回想我们是不是不适合这个course, 但我们不想这样能够就认输)
好几次我们抱着彼此都是想要哭 (好几次,failed 过后,我们都很想哭)
你常解释这样的一切都只是开始 (prof 说,这种事情在我们的fac,不为奇,现在才1st year ,刚开始)
我觉得是所有的一切早已经结束 (我觉得这样离我的1st class honour 越来越远,好像奋斗已结束)
不想再约束,不要再痛苦 ( 我们已经不想再被prof约束,不想再被这难搞的fst搞得叫苦连天)


Thursday, March 27, 2008

going back soon..

yeah.. going back soon.. i will get mentally illness if i continue stay in hostle.. have to faster run away from this place..

lots of things to do.. next next week will be my final, but now i still have to finish my assignment for the FSM3201..


BUT.. tired is better than think of u..^^

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

suffering in UPM..

ya, im back to this blog.. long time din post anything here..

just finished the mid-term test, swollow all the carbohydrate, lipids, protein, fibre, vitamins, mineral.. eating all those preservation..drinking all those ecomonic graph, all the marginal marginal things... this time the fsm n fst, sure die ad..

tot can have a small break after the test, but now, see, wat im doing??? ONLINE!! online not because wanna update my blog, not because wanna visit my friendster, not because wanna check mail, n also not because wanna chat with friends... BUT.. lots of assignments waiting for me!!! can somebody tell my how to do the assignment for the HURDLE TECHNOLOGY IN MANUFACTURING BEVERAGE???????!!!!!!!!! i cant even find any information that suit this assignment.. die la, have to summit next monday!!!!