Wednesday, January 30, 2008

holidays coming soon!! ^^

this time have to write sth happy one de la.. yeahyeah!! cny sem break coming soon on 2rd feb!! but i will go back on 1st feb!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! ( no need to study, wat day also happy de la..)

ya, second, one of the test results came out liao.. first time get FULL mark for a test in UPM!!! which means, out of 100, i ad get 20 for it. two more tests n one assignment to go for this PRT2008!! if can maintain this kind of level, think can easily can an A for it..

third, as "mama" in my course, i gave my "children" ANGPAO!!!! im sure they were all surprised..especially when i said must greet me be4 receiving the angpao, they just like little kids, make noise here n there.. hahaha..a question suddenly pop out from them.. " will papa give us angpao too??" " i wan to receive angpao from papa!"..=.=" now u know how "childish" my "children" are..n of course, will this "papa" give them angpao?? hahaha..not very sure, but i know "papa" sure will distribute some.. patient ya..^^

forth. tomorrow last paper!! oral interaction.. have to read words perfectly, n correctly, by using phonetic.. happy also la, cause no need to read books ma.. just speak only.. hahaha..

end here, any happiness, will share with u next time.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year??

this was the first time i celebrate the new year countdown event since i born..not very sure why ppl like to celebrate it, wasting the time for sleeping. I have strong but very stupid reason for celebrating it--> i wan to see someone i wish to see n i believe i wont see him again for the next 2 months. stupid hor?

i dunno when, how, why, there are some unknownable chemical reactions in my body, in my heart. I felt like myself really drop to the deepest valley when i saw the girl, a girl who has some similarities with him. Pretending im okie, do i looked okie? K, fine. I know, there will be one day, he will bring a girl in front of me, telling me wats the relationship between him n her,n right at the time, i know, the dream which i had before has come true.

Back to the countdown. That was the second time i saw fireworks. Hoping that there will be one day, he stands just beside me. It's just a hope, not a wish, not a dream, not forever, but for just few seconds. I wish i can have the chance to tell him something, something which i hope there will be no answer from him. Isn't no answer is the best answer for me?

Back to here. Depressed for so many days n now, yet feel moodless. Can anyone help me get out from this grey colour emotion? im sick, sick for nothing. im down, down for everything. im lost, lost because of him.

May someone who will go the Sarawak soon has a nice trip. This is not a hope, but a wish. Happy new year?? yea, happy new year..=)