Friday, May 25, 2007


the first place visited
with sooteng, 2-in-1 bee

the most funny couple teacher
youngest teacher at pulau kukup

second destination-->mangrove forest

again, with them at mangrove forest..
me n sooteng again, on the fish boat

the last destination--> malacca, took with police!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy birthday to my sisters!!!

ya, 15th of may was my big sister bday n the day be4 i post this post with is 22nd of may was my second sister bday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of them!!

on 14th of may, my second sister n i got a mission to do --> give surprise to my big sister, which "ordered" by her bf since he works in penang.. so, on that day , both of us go n search around the subang new village to buy ROSES n tell them to deliver to my big sister's office on 15th.. guess wats the price for 9 roses???? it costs RM60 ( included delivery)!!! so so so expensive!!!!

on15th, after my sister came back from her office, me n my second sister like pretend to be surprised.. "waaaa, jeje, who give u flowers de???? " n my big sister was so happy, because she said this is the first time her company received flowers!! hahaha... after a bit chit chating with my big sister, my second sister accidentely split out the words.. "cheeyao (my sis's bf) told u that he 'ordered' us to buy flowers to u,izzit?"...OMG...felt quite paiseh buying roses to my sister...=.=
after that, came to our present to my big sister.. a hamper from yu yan san.. n till now, she din realize that actually the present is 借花敬佛 one.. in the afternoon of 22th, a salesman came to my mom's office n gave her the hamper cause my mom help him to get lots of commision.. hahaha..

-happy birthday-

Saturday, May 12, 2007


today is a beautiful day,with the comfortable sunlight during the morning, with the pretty mood..

ya,today went to watch spiderman3 at cineleisure, near the curve there... so, woke up at 8am to prepare myself.( u know la, girls need lot of time de ma..) so, at about 9am, i finished eating breakfast, "setting" my hair, choose the most comfortable clothes ( baby T n a skirt), the most relaxing shoes( a pair of not-very high-heel shoes), a pair of "fish-bone" earings n also wash my bedclothes..i tried to be fast liao de,sooteng will come to my house at 9.30am. now only 9.00am, still got time to read newspaper, play,9.30am, i called sooteng, she said she is on the way coming. 9.40am, she asked me how to go my house. 9.50am,finally she reached my house.. walau, subang go subang also need 20minutes!!!! yao mou!!! okie la,after that, we go choywan's house fetch her,since she had no car to my house..finally we leave subang at 9.55am.. walau, the fastest to the curve need about 15 minutes... damm, i will be late liao..

traffice jam due to the traffic light make me reached cineleisure at 10.30am.. walau.. this is the first time i went to the curve there needs 30minutes leh.. haizzz... sorry to joel, lian n doreen,cause they wait for us for about 30minutes ad... really sorry bout, the ppl who watch spiderman3 was me, choywan, sooteng, zhixin, weiliang, joel,lian n doreen.. 8ppl, seperated into two rows.. the movie is quite nice for me, i think i will give it 70marks ( the highest still "perhaps love" with 85marks)..ahhaha.. the most memorable dialogue for me i think is the MJ tell Pete " i am alone, u r not there for me". a simply sentence touches my heart, nose get red, eyes get blur...

after the movie, zhixin n weiliang had to go back earlier.. so, the rest of us went shoppping a abit in the curve since me n joel wanna buy present to mother ( tomorrow mother's day la).. joel bought a necklace to his mom, i bought a watch... hahaah... lian also bought something, but not for his mom, for another girl with is important to him..( u know la).. hahahaaa.. after buying all those present, its ad 2.30pm.. haizz, late again.. cause have to meet weiyao n jiawen n ss2 at 2.30pm..haizzz... sorry to both of them, have to wait for us there..

so,finally reached ss2 KFC at 3.00pm due to some "accident"..walau, wen changes a lot liao, coloured her hair in RED colour!!! ahahha, our "sportwoman" become very "in" liao... yeahyeah!! the most happy moment coming, wen said i look younger n prettier ad!!! doreen n joel also said so!!!! ( hope they din tipu me la, tipu also dun let me know ar...)hahahaha...wat can i say?? i LOVE my new hairstyle..^^

so, we go somewhere in ss2 yamcha (really cannot remember the name), a place where a lot of dessert to eat... ( unfortunately din take photo =(...) so, we start talk n talk lo.. wen will go to Scotland next year,so fast!!! after bla bla things, we decided to go back home, since doreen has to go to church, jiawen also have to go subang jaya... so, "pitt",balik rumah!

today very happy leh.. rupa-rupanya, i quite lenglui also.. haahahah... =.="

Thursday, May 10, 2007


真得很久很久没有和你聊天了,时间仿佛在我们的心上建了一堵墙,一堵自我保护的墙, 彼此再也跨越不了了...


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

rebonding again??

ya, finally cut my hair ad.. the rebonding effect no longer there liao..all back to normal ad.. natural curly again..maybe will go n do rebonding again...should i??

last time when i did rebonding was on 27th dec 2005.. hehehe...see,my memory still very strong.. hahaha.. until today i went to cut my hair, the rebonding effect still there...RM150 really worth...^^ after cutting my hair, feel very light ad.. hahaaha... i like the feeling...!!^^

today is my first time cook prawn... walau... i thought very easy one leh..but i overcooked the prawn ad,so the prawn became very hard, but the taste is quite time will cook better de... hehehehehe...