Sunday, January 14, 2007

back from sabah!!

finally back from sabah.. from a memorable,enjoyable class trip.. from a journey with laugh n tears...

siawwae, me n chi at jetty to manukan island

me at Monsopiad Cultural Village

having buffet at Sutera Sanctuary Lodges,Manukan Island

joel, teng, n me in air asia

Monday, January 01, 2007


yeah! today is first of january...!!!2007 year ad, haha.. im still 18 years old... hahahaha... last year received two christmas presents--> an ornament from choywan n a "crayon small new" aka "la bi xiao xin" from weiyao.. thanks u guys...

yesterday din go for countdown.. i slept early, about 11pm.. but then many ppl sms me at around 11.30 till 2.00am.. haha.. thanks u guys for all those lovely message..muaksss..

haha... today is allan sia birthday!!! hahaha.... the oldest boy born in 1988...happy birthday to him too....

on third of january i will start working.. haha... work as primary school teacher.. hahahaha...become my teacher's colleague.. haha.. soo teng also one of my colleague.. haha...

new year got new hope.. but my hope for every year is the same..haha..then no longer new hope.. haha..