Sunday, October 14, 2007








Tuesday, October 02, 2007


200 days..

somehow i wish i can study for my final like wat i did be4 my stpm... a single msg that can give me lots of supprts..but now the msg gone..maybe both of us ad forget, the moment we share together, the moment we just keep silence, the moment everything changed...

somehow i just can understand the feeling u told me when u cant study at all. i guess i know it right now..somehow i know the image in front of the mirrow..somehow i can read the mind thro ur eyes.. and somehow, i dun have the chances to do it anymore..

i wish all my wishes will come true one day.. i wish everyone will has smiling face hanging there.. i wish non of us are selfish.. i wish i can do the best in my life.. i wish i wont regret of what im doing right now.. i wish everytime i receive ur msg, it will cheer me up.. i wish ...

200 days gone.. i wish i can still be myself.. and wish both of us will stay without pain..

angel with broken heart is trying to fly..