Sunday, February 11, 2007

primary school gathering!!! 6M 1999!!!

walau.... yesterday, 10th of feb, at choong foong restaurant, 6M 1999 gathering!! hahaha.. long time din see my old old frens ad.. most of them din change much, just some get married, so become father n mother ad, so gave us name card liao... hahaha..n many became teacher... me la,sooteng la, choywan la, n sookman also.. hahaha..yesterday kenggai until about 12am.. walau..cheekaan can sing very well!! cheekin become very lengzai!!! waikeat n weifong become like kongsi gelap!!! kar kian working in salon!! pui er n wailoon, cheeliang n foongling become couples!!!shi hui drink half botol of wine( with 18% alcohol) without adding any ice cube or plain water but still din drunk!!! oi yin become Great Eastern Authorised Agent!!! wei hong( alvis) become e-Power International Corp Business Development Consultant!!!..walau... they all very very geng leh... compared with me ar, feel like im still very beh, still a student waiting to go in to university... sob sob..