Friday, November 24, 2006

5 more papers to go..dYinG!

i ad sit for 3 papers-- pa1,maths1 n chem1... haha..among this three paper, i think pa will be the best n chem the worst.. recently received sms from friend.she told me the answer for pa1, but im not sure whether the answer correct or not.. but i did check it.. i get 14wrong.. OMG.. my target is 10wrong only but now... haizzz...means i have to do well in my paper2 on next wednesday..but im so so so worry bout the pa2, cause i think i will just concentrate on bio2 because on that day will be 2 papers for me.. haizzz..maths1 still quite okie for me, but careless here n careless there, i think about 13marks gone... haizzz....stupid fung,so so so nervous when doing the paper... haha...until i got no time to finish all questions.. haizzz...this was the first time i cant manage to finish a paper on time..blabla..u r really disappointed..

so,everyone seems like busy study bio.. haizzz..i study till nothing can go in ad.. wat to do??bio volume 1 still okie, but the volume 2.. haizz... the reproduction n biodiversity ad make me headache..summore got the development..haaizzz.. bio paper2 on wednesday, ON WEDNESDAY!!! i dun think i can finish it all,so so so worry bout the essay part, cause normally 4 out of 6 questions will come out from volume2.. haizzz..

n also the maths2 on tuesday.. this paper, the worst part is vector.. haizzz...relative velocity!!! I LANGSUNG DUNNO HOW TO DO IT!!!! the question normally above 10 marks, haizzz... which means at least 10 marks gone..haizz...

after next wednesday.. i will be very FREE!!!!! yes! after that one more paper left, which is my chem2!!! I LOVE CHMISTRY!!!!!( compare to bio la)haha..

Sunday, November 19, 2006

nightmare is coming

tomorrow i will sit for my stpm..suddenly feel like very old liao..these few weeks actually not very stress also but i almost cry everynight,not because of worry bout my stpm,but other sister sleeps beside me, but i dun think she knows i cried beside her..everyone thinks that im happy-g0-lucky,childish,38 person,but i dun think so..who knows wat i think deep inside my heart??nobody knows.. maybe i just get used to it ad..okie la.. stop talking all these stuff..later tears come out again n sick again then cham liao la...

lately i received many sms from friends, hehe.. but i dunno who r them.. hahaha..but anyway, thanks all of them yar..

yesterday midnight,i received a call from my friend, let he/she be xxx n xxx told me one big news: xxx's friend ( which is just 19 years old) will get marry on december!! n both of us believe that it was an accident..haha..cant imagine, how can a 19 years old GIRL can become a responsible mother?? she din even know how to take care of herself..haizz..get marry because of a baby? to get marry because want a baby? shallow...!

back to here.. all the best to all my dear friends in stpm yarr!!!

-sun will shine,my friend,
wont let u cry, my dear-