Friday, March 16, 2007

finally .. the day is coming,..

so,finally the day is coming... my results is 1A,2B+, n 1B.. the results not very good, not very bad lo.. okok only.. so, after that, i went to midvally with friends... not much to write for this time, cause of some personal problem..mmm.. im now single n available.. but dun think will have another relationship for few months later...

just now went yamcha with lian, joel, n weiyao...hmm... to celebrate the break-up n the results... cant believe i cried from weiyao's house until my house.. n finally i heard the song, the song used to be our song...its hard to let it go...but i know i can make it..i know i can.. althought it needs few thousand or hundred thousand of tears...

believe in urself.. u r not that weak..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


walau.. tomorrow stpm results come out lo... very nervous now lo.. pa pa... cant sleep ad... okok.. back to the malacca trip first.. ya, i just came back from malacca, a trip with szehui,choywan, shumei, kokwai, wenglian, joel, jason kim, n lion king..

first day--
doing housework at szehui's malacca's house

first day--
at a-famosa water park

second day--
at old old church

second day--
at the roadside

third day--
at the zoo melaka

Saturday, March 03, 2007


tomorrow will be the last day of the celebration of chinese new year.. so fast 15 days gone.. still remember on the first day i went to one u with my sister n watched the movie"twin mission".. n for your information, on the first day of chinese new year, i have to become herbivour.. no chicken,no fist, no meat,no onion,no eggs... so, me n sis were so worry bout our lunch.. finally, do u know wat we ate??? popcorn n french fries...=.="
the second day, i went to my grandma house..just suddenly i think of one question, why we always say grandma house, n not grandpa house de???errr... dun care first la.. this year like dun have the mood to celebrate liao...maybe big big enough,not so happy like when i was a little child..
the third day, i went to pyramid with my sis again.. n went to take the cute cute photo (da tou tie).. this is the first time i took such photo.. hahahaha..last time somebody told me, really dunno who is he/she liao.. saying, me n beh should take this kind of photo together ma.. really keh?? but i dun think i will have the chance lo...n also, that day watched "norbit".. hahaha..
the forth day, i went to sing k with many many friends at galaxy,seksyen 15.. hahaha.. after that we had our lunch at sunway,having steamboat, n after that we went to cheekin's house at kinrara...walau.. that day really very tired...thanks carkin for fetching me home everytime when we went out..
the fifth day, i went to yeye's house.. dun be so surprise, this yeye is not my grandpa, he is just my yeye..=.=" ekjon's mother can cook very very very well!!!!!! i like the spaghetti very much!!!! n after visited ekjon's house, me,choywan,sooteng,peckyee,szehui,jingwen,siuyean, beh,lian, n joel went to pyramid n have dinner at mahantten fish market.. super yummy the meal there...haha.. that was the second time i drive to shopping centre.. hehehe...
on the sixth day, my sis asked me to go pyramid again.. so, since i got nothing to do, i just teman her lo.... after shopping, we went to mahantten fish market to have lunch!!! walau... still very yummy the seafood there...just think only, the saliva ad almost come, that day i bought one green colour shirt only.. hahaha...
finally can have a rest on the seventh day.. that day was everyboday birthday according to chinese la.. hahahaha... n that day my wish came true, as my wish was " i hope i can sleep as long as i wan.." that day i forgot wat time i woke up liao, i just know that when i woke up, i ate lunch ad... then at night, i went to my aunt's house... then we talked to have a family's trip at the end of the year... hahahahaha... n im one of the organizers... dunno this trip can be success or not.. hehehehe...
on the eighth day,i rest at home as i have to work tomorrow... sobsob... so fast one week holiday gone..
the nineth day, i went to work from 8.30am till 12.30pm.. after that, carkin called me again to have lunch together with oiyin... (he called me at dunno wat day to watch protege at one u).. walau... then me n 2nd sis went to have Mc with them... n they planned to have lunch tomorrow together... hahahahahaa... i think carkin really very sien,everyday also call us out... of course la, i know he needs friends at this moment...
so, the tenth day, i started working as teacher again.. ahahhaahah... have to wake up early liao... sob sob...
until today, the fourteenth day... went to lian's house n gamble at his house.. hahahahaha.. after that, we went to bought a birthday cake for szehui..( my dearest szehui's birthday is one 3 of march)... then, they came to my house n gamble again... hahahaha... luckily my lovely weiyao helped me to win RM10... if not, sure i will lose a lot.. hahahahaahahha...okie, n now, i have to prepare myself to go for a dinner!!!! very very busy man....
tomorrow is fifteen, which is chinese valentine's day... hahaha... sob sob.. still nobody invite me.. hahahahahaha... of course la.. i ad booked by my sis to attend her convo..(but i dun think i will go..)... hahahahaha...